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CHEVY Ram Clutches
Ram Clutches began in 1972 with the quest to design and build better race clutches than were available at the time. RAM’s three-paddle ‘Cleaning Lady’ clutch disc was at the forefront of this redesign. Until that time, most racing clutches were made from organic compounds which didn’t provide the durability or consistency necessary for racing. In 1978 Ram patented the poly-encapsulated spring design and the three paddle disc evolved into the current six paddle design. RAM is heavily involved in providing clutch solutions such as the Street Dual and hydraulics systems that allow for major modifications while still providing street driveability.

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  1. Full Size Chevy Clutch Pressure Plate, Diaphragm-Type, 11",1958-1972

    Part #: 40-243488-1

    Was: $229.99 ea.

    Now: $193.88 ea.

  2. Full Size Chevy Clutch Disc, 11", 26-Spline, 1958-1972

    Part #: 40-243490-1

    Reg. Price: $164.99 ea.

    Sale Price: $131.88 ea.

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